About Virtus Education

Canadian Bilingual School (CBS) and Creative Children International School (CCIS) come under the umbrella of Virtus Education

Virtus Education took its first step into the educational field in 2003 starting with "Creative Children International School" (CCIS). The Creative Children International School uses a multi-component educational system tailored to accommodate students with developmental delays, slow learners, students with learning difficulties, auditory or visual perception disorders, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

CCIS uses strategies that look at "The child as a whole" providing students with high quality educational programs taught by experienced and capable staff that use variety of educational materials and resources.

In 2007, Virtus Education took a step further by starting a new school called "Gulf International School". Over a couple of years, the school achieved steady and consistent growth in the number of students enrolled, improved quality of infrastructure and academic programs and steadily brought in more technology. In 2009, Gulf International School was rebranded as Canadian Bilingual School, Kuwait. Read more

Virtus Holding, building business since 1977, is engaged in the trade & service of a wide range of products in the areas of Health, Applied Science & Education. We have embraced Information Technology as an enabler for standardizing workflows and providing decision support tools. Virtus Holding has Al-Essa Group, Virtus Group and Virtus Education under its wing. Virtus Education represents the Educational sector of Virtus Holding. Read more