Greetings students, staff, and parents of our CBS community
The year 2020 has brought some unprecedented events our way but thanks to a lot of planning and preparation to stay abreast of new technology and teaching practices, we were able to quickly adapt and complete the last academic year in an effective manner.

The year 2020-21 has started with e-learning. We will continue using MS Teams and our teaching approach will be focused on providing engaging online lessons. Students are encouraged to spend time learning in an online setting but I also highly recommend you spend time doing some self-study and research and reverting to your teachers and peers with questions on curriculum concepts, have discussions on the topics and finally practically apply concepts through projects / assignments. This model of the ‘flipped classroom’ increases your actual understanding of topics and supports application or practical implementation of knowledge. You will be well prepared for higher education and your future work environment with these self-learning skills. Nelson Mandela, the first president of post-apartheid South Africa once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” So, make use of all the resources you have available to learn and grow so that you can support your family, community and contribute to the growth of Kuwait.

Parents, please know that we are very focused on offering your child a good quality of learning online. It needs dedication from students to develop accountability for their learning. But with your support and a structured learning environment at home, they can get into an excellent learning routine supported by CBS’ experienced teachers. Please know that the CBS teachers care about your child’s learning and are committed to ensuring they learn in a fun and interesting manner.

At this time, I would also encourage all stakeholders of our community to continue to follow safety guidelines from the government to prevent further spread of Covid-19 and to be conscious of keeping yourself and those around you safe. When we face obstacles and push ourselves to get up and keep going, we become more resilient and stronger. It is another opportunity to learn and grow.

I wish you all a safe and successful academic year.


Mr. K.O Mathew