Welcome to the High School at Canadian Bilingual School!

High school years are those 4 memorable life-changing years in everyone’s life.  Here at CBS, we work hard to ensure our high school students (Grades 9-12) have the best academic experience and career guidance to make sure they achieve their goals and succeed in higher education and life. Our students are challenged to think critically and creatively through the balanced curriculum and extra-curricular activities. 

Curriculum evaluation is a continuous and ongoing process, where teachers continually assess student data to improve instruction. Students set their goals with their teachers at the end of each quarter and put the plan for the next steps as well. Students in grades 9 and 10 take the MAP test to assess student learning and growth in English and Maths.

Students learn how to effectively approach their work both individually and in teams. We ask students to actively engage in ideas and examine topics through multiple perspectives. We hold a belief that increased connection and collaboration in our school fosters a richer learning experience.

In High school, students can choose between the business stream and Science stream starting from Grade 11 based on their choices for what they want to study at the university.

The guidance counsellor works with students starting in Grade 9 on career choices. Our students are offered one subject related to career guidance every year where students can meet with professionals, share in mini projects and study about different careers. This is meant to give them the chance to make informed decisions for their future careers.

Evidence-Based Teaching


At CBS, our students learn to recognize the connections between academic disciplines and applications to the outside world. Skills and concepts are not taught in isolation, students and staff collaborate to form a highly connected community of learners.


CBS adopts an American based curriculum in Math (Calculus and Pre-calculus), Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), English, Business subjects, Pe and Art. We follow the Kuwaiti Ministry of education curricula in Arabic, Islamic and Kuwait Social Studies.


At CBS, we encourage all students to get involved in extra-curricular activities where it is sports, after-school clubs, student council, or involvement in other CBS and community activities that can help students grow emotionally, socially, and physically.

Guidance and Career Support at CBS

Guidance support is provided to students of Grades 8 to 12 by the Guidance Counselor at CBS.

The guidance counselor conducts an information session with students and parents regarding the importance of marks accumulating towards graduation from Grades 9-12 and regarding the completion of Community Service Hours.

Ms. Lama Al-Jaljouli
Guidance Teacher

• The guidance counselor familiarizes the students with the various career options they will have after graduation, such as engineering, medicine, business, banking, lab technicians, teaching...etc. As we have 99.9% Kuwaiti students, the rare majors listed in Kuwait university are mentioned to them ex: geography, physics...etc. (This list gets updated annually.

• Community Service completion requirement for the grade-level is followed up by the guidance counselor.

Ms. Lama Al-Jaljouli
Guidance Teacher

Careers Course (Semester-I)

In this course taught in Semester-I from September to December by the guidance counselor, students can identify

• His/her abilities and skills

• What kind of learner he/she is (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

• Which stream is suitable for him/her (Science or Business) depending on his grades and what he would like to be through counselling sessions.

Choice of Stream for Grade 11 and 12 (November)

Parents and students are given a detailed information session on the streams available for opting in Gr 11 and 12, by the guidance counselor. Students are given the choices and asked to submit their choice in the ‘Course Selection Form’ within a week in November of Grade 10

• In April, students who opt for Science will undergo a Science Entrance Assessment (in-house) conducted by the Science teacher. Only the students who pass the eligibility criteria, will be taken into the Science stream in Gr 11

• By first week of May, parents of the students who opted for Science but did not pass the Science Entrance Assessment are informed that their child will be moved to Business stream within the same month by the Guidance Counselor and the Principal

Community Service completion requirement for the grade-level is followed up by the guidance counselor

Ms. Lama Al-Jaljouli
Guidance Teacher

1. By Grade 11, students are more focused with career decisions narrowed down according to their choice of Stream (e.g.: a business student cannot go for pharmacy or medicine courses as per the MoHE guidelines)

• University fairs from US, UK, Canada, European countries, and Gulf countries are conducted in-school for students to get more exposure.

• During these fairs, students can chat with universities representatives and have a wider idea about different majors offered by these universities.

2. Students planning to study abroad are guided to write the IELTS / TOEFL / SAT entrance exams. Preliminary tests are given in-school and then the students are guided to register and complete the exams within deadlines, by the guidance counselor.

3. Community Service completion requirement for the grade-level is followed up by the guidance counselor.

Ms. Lama Al-Jaljouli
Guidance Teacher

1. Students attend

• workshops with the Ministry of the Higher Education regarding local and overseas scholarships.

• workshop with Kuwait university speaking about rate of acceptance.

• Local university fair including all private universities in Kuwait.

2. Parents are also given a detailed information session at the beginning of the year by the guidance counselor, regarding the graduation process, scholarship criteria of MoHE (Ministry of Higher Education) and the report card attestation process from the Ministry upon graduation.

3. Individual career-counseling sessions with each student is conducted by the guidance counselor at the beginning of the year. Students are continuously guided through their application processes for post-secondary education throughout the year by the guidance counselor.

4. Community Service completion requirement for graduation is followed up by the guidance counselor.

Ms. Lama Al-Jaljouli
Guidance Teacher