Give your child the best start!

At Canadian Bilingual School, our early learning programs, from JK to SK, provide positive experiences that support your child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Our foundational programs provide opportunities for students to engage in rich learning experiences through opportunities to explore, play, create and learn.  

Pre-K Program


Play is how children make sense of the world and is an effective method of learning for young children. Ideas and skills become meaningful tools for learning that are practised in all areas of the curriculum. Students will become familiar with books, puppet play, rhyming songs, and games to build those early learning skills that will set them up for success in Kindergarten and Grade 1.  

Students are taught in small groups to build on their listening and language skills. Opportunities for students to practice their skills throughout the day are provided in a variety of activity centers:

Language & Literacy Development

Learn Through Projects

Art Center

Sand and Water Play

Topic-based Discovery Center

Music and Movement

Technology Center

JK to SK Program

Building on the skills developed in the Pre-K program, students in JK and SK will take part in a more structured program that will provide large and small group instruction on key areas of the curriculum that builds on from year to year. The JK to SK program is a two-year continuum that gives students the time to develop the necessary skills to be successful in Grade 1. The focus is on students being involved in a literacy-rich environment where engaging children’s story books, rhymes, and songs are used to teach children important concepts of literacy development. Identifying letters and letter sounds, how letters make words, and how words make sentences are part of this evolving learning process. Their skills are enhanced through reading, writing, and speaking activities that further develop their language skills.

Our goals include

• providing well-balanced programs that provide a strong English language program that supports learning across other subject areas
• supporting children’s curiosity, exploration, and inquiry through opportunities for small group-based activities
• supporting positive social and emotional skills where children learn to respect each other and learn and play together
• encouraging children to enjoy learning and to use their imaginations
• preparing young children with the skills, behaviors, and confidence necessary for success in later years

Student-Centred Teaching


Our foundation programs at CBS, enable us to approach students in small groups and provide opportunities for them to gain rich learning experiences through explore, play, create, and learn activities.


The early learning programs at CBS, from JK to SK, provide positive learning experiences that support your child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


At CBS, the KG students will become familiar with books, puppet play, rhyming songs, and games to build those early learning skills that will set them up for success in Kindergarten and Grade 1.


Core Subjects - Language

The goal of the Elementary literacy program is to build independent readers, competent writers, articulate speakers, active listeners, and critical thinkers. Instructional units of study designed around Common Core ELA standards form the foundation for instruction. Delivered through a balanced literacy model, students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 receive 90 minutes of literacy instruction per day. The following essential agreements guide the instruction:

  • • Students will be engaged in reading on a daily basis through shared, guided and independent reading opportunities.
  • • Reading instruction will be a balance of direct instruction, guided instruction, and instruction through shared reading.
  • • Students will develop skills in reading for information and understanding across the subject areas.
  • • Students will write daily in response to lessons and teachers will evaluate and provide authentic feedback that supports the students writing craft.
  • • Students will engage in lessons involving guided, shared and independent reading tasks.
  • • Students will use writing as a way of developing their ideas and expressing their opinions and responses to assigned tasks.
Speaking & Listening
  • • Students will communicate orally in standard English to express ideas and support opinions on a daily basis.
  • • Students will be engaged in classroom discussion and oral presentations to develop their speaking skills.
  • • Students will develop their comprehension skills through inquiry accountable talk that develops their ability to answer question and ask questions.
Mathematics / Numeracy
  • • Develop knowledge and skills in number sense and operations.
  • • Develop knowledge and skills in Operations and Algebraic Thinking.
  • • Comprehend and persevere in solving mathematical problems.
  • • Develop knowledge and skills in Measurement and Data.
  • • Understand and apply Geometry.
Social Studies & Science

With a strong emphasis on building literacy and math skills in the elementary, the integration of social studies and science concepts and skills into literacy and math instructional units ensure students realize cross-curricular connections and gain needed skills as they transition through the grades.