Community Engagement Goals

At Canadian Bilingual School, we are committed to working collaboratively with members of our community to bring about positive social and environmental impact. We consciously engage in meaningful initiatives to have an enduring shared benefit for all involved catalysing the fulfilment of our community engagement goals.

Our primary goal is creating communities, by working with current students, former students, parents, academic staff, administrative staff, support staff in various capacities to address specific interests and unmet needs. To satisfy this objective, we established a community engagement model that our community and community partners can all stand behind.

Over the last two years since the commencement of community engagement, our school has hosted and organised multiple workshops both physically and, in more recent times with Covid-19 situation, virtually. Our workshops have focused on supporting parents with their children’s learning, building routines and healthy habits at home. In doing so, we hope to encourage parents to actively spend time with their children and bring families together. Please see recordings of our previous workshops by clicking on this link

Nations Festival

CBS students arrive at the Ministry for the Nations Festival, which is held annually to satisfy the curiosity and wonder about the various world cultures in one place. The multicultural festival keeps inspiring the teachers and students for years to be active, informed and responsible citizens of the world

Reading Café by CBS Parents

CBS encourages parent engagement by welcoming parents into school to share their stories. Engaging parents in meaningful ways provides an opportunity for parents to display their active support to the learning and development of children.


Recycling activity at CBS teaches students about how we should take care of our environment. Our teachers inspire students to examine the natural resources and identify the consequences of using it. The recycling habit developed in school can serve to bring change in our environment, communities and nation.

Beach cleaning

Beach Cleaning is one of the engagement activities held for the welfare of society. By participating in this activity, students were able to learn the role of beaches in the ecosystem and collect fresh data about the state of our coasts and the types of trash that pollutes them.

Career day

Career Day presents a platform to introduce students to different careers by bringing students, alumni, parents and friends into the school. It is an annual tradition at CBS, which provides students with a dynamic and tangible experience that facilitates a connection between their academic pursuits and professional endeavours in the future.

National Day

Kuwait National Day is celebrated every year within the school campus. On this day, teachers share the importance and value of celebrating this particular day with students. Many events will be conducted to share the excitement and joy of this great day and support students understand how Kuwait provides them with peace, protection, and all with the well-being.

In addition, as part of our school’s philanthropic efforts, CBS distributed 249 food kits to individuals and families in need of assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in Kuwait.

As a school with a vibrant multicultural community, we understand it is essential for us to act responsibly toward our people by empowering them and utilising their talents to our strength. We are able to achieve this by building a strategic and sustainable community engagement programme aligned with our school vision and culture that truly benefits our community. By developing our staff, we realise that they in turn will encourage our students to realise their potential and be their best within the classroom and beyond.

At CBS, we believe that having strong guiding principles for all our community initiatives are key.

Sustainable development fundamentals

Our community engagement initiatives follow the Sustainable Development Goals chartered by the United Nations.

Meaningful impact

We focus on addressing unmet needs within our school community.

Managing Community Engagement

Proper monitoring and management of community engagement initiatives are vital in order to perfect our approach.

Our secondary goal is nurturing the environment, which we are actively pursuing by developing awareness and an empathetic attitude toward protecting the environment in the face of growing concerns over climate change. We practice this in several ways within the school environment by not littering and taking care of school property. This fits in with our greater desire to educate our community and evolve civic sense toward preserving our natural environment, particularly our beloved country of Kuwait, by consuming responsibly making our school and country sustainable for future generations.