The Canadian Bilingual School is evaluated and accredited by the Middle States Commission (MSA-CESS) which is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. Accreditation involves a process of evaluation, assessment and reporting to ensure our school meets a defined set of research-based performance standards. Currently, in our 14th year of operation, CBS has consistently met these exacting standards through the years, and we are currently completing our current year of accreditation.

Through the experience that we have gained over the years, we have formulated and developed a rigorous academic structure and programs to ensure the overall growth of our students. Along with academics, we also promote a safe, inspiring, and supportive environment for our students. We always encourage active participation from parents, teachers, and community members.

The curriculum at CBS is the driving force behind all the initiatives and teaching strategies of its faculty. Students require consistent challenging programs that will capture their interest and stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. They must also be able to build independent capabilities as well as a team spirit to be prepared for a lifetime of learning. Our students, in the process of learning, acquire knowledge and the skills required to excel when they enter the work environment.

CBS follows the Common Core curriculum. This adds enriching concepts in all subjects. To ensure that the best programming is provided to the children, resources have been employed from other sources too. Our teachers use Curriculum Standards and Achievement Level charts to ensure that the appropriate grade levels goals are met.