Kindergarten Program

The KG Program at CBS is a two-year program that is designed to address the whole child. Learning language and math through play is an integral part of their daily activities. Play enables students to learn with and from each other as well as with and from the classroom teacher. Children also learn important social skills as they interact with their peers including sharing, collaboration and conflict resolution as they develop and enhance their critical and creative thinking.

Throughout the day, the children are engaged in a variety of centres designed to promote thinking and interactive play. Children may create menus and food in the house/ restaurant centre, write and post letters and notes in the class post office, engage in construction using big blocks and Lego, read and reconstruct stories in the reading centre, create patterns and number sets in the math centre and use iPads to reinforce math and reading skills in the technology centre.

More formal instruction addresses learnig sounds and letters to help the children speak, read and write in English and in Arabic. Art, music and physical activity also play an important role in the KG program. Music enables them to learn vocabulary as the songs are highly repetitive and engaging. Art builds fine motor skills while allowing students to express themselves, as drawing is a pre-writing activity. Physical education classess along with outdoor play develops gross motor skills while encouraging teamwork, tolerance and inclusion.

Using a two-year program allows time for young children to acquire skills and body of knowledge to be successful both in kindergarten and grade 1. It also allows for the maturation and development of gross and fine motor skills which are essential for success.