Extra Curricular

After School Clubs

Fun and learning can extend beyond the classroom in the form of extra-curricular activities. From music and the arts, to organized sports, after school activities can help to build community, school spirit, and camaraderie between and among staff and students. In addition, these opportunities enable students to pursue interests, hone skills, discover hidden talents, and develop team building and leadership skills. We encourage all students to take part.

The after school clubs are offered for free for 7 weeks in each semester on Wednesdays from 2:40pm-3:30pm after school.


Kindness Club:

This club will work to empower students to advocate kindness and peace.


Agriculture & Recycling Club:

Building a relationship with the environment is important in making students more active. This club will help them get in touch with their emotional intelligence, which will then help them to improve their writing.


Robotics Club:

Students will learn how to design and build a robot. They will be encouraged to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions when the robot doesn't perform as expected. High performers will be chosen to compete in external competitions.


Islamic Club:

We will be sharing information with all students regarding the prophets. Includes plays about important events. Students will develop knowledge regarding prophets and their life history while indirectly learning about human life values.


Collaborative Games Club:

This will be an assortment of different games that take place in the cage and in the classrooms. Focus will be on friendly/ safe competitions and prizes for the winning team at the end of each week.


Journalism Club (Arabic):

Journalism is one of the main components of the Arabic language. This club will help students become educated individuals with an increased knowledge about the current affairs in the news.


Jenga Club:

Jenga is an exciting game that can be played with 2+ players. This club will help build concentration as well as hand-eye coordination. It will also create a non-academic environment for the students to enjoy.


Drama Club (Arabic):

Drama is an artistic component of the Arabic language. This club will help students build their confidence in public speaking and enacting as well as improve the ability to speak correctly.


Math Club:

By using square set and grid paper, this club will focus on drawing of different types of mathematical projects. Students will also draw different types of 2D and 3D shapes using the grid system and solving different types of navigation and bearing etc.


Debate Club (MUN):

This club prepares students for the Model United Nations annual event.


                                             After School Club Schedule for 5th February to 25th March 2020

 Club Staff Involved  Location  Grades
 Kindness Club  Ms. Riana Rooyen JK3 1-5
 Agriculture & Recycling Club  Ms. Dalia, Ms. Enas & Ms. Marwa 3A 1-3
 Robotics Club  Ms. Rania Hassan ES Computer Lab 3-5
 Journalism Club (Arabic)

 Ms. Enas H, Mr. Mahmoud & 

 Mr.Ahmed M

4A 4-5
 Islamic Club - Prophets Stories  Mr. Shabrawi 4B

1-5, 6-12

 Cooking Club  Ms. Shimma El. Sayed 12A 5-6
 Jenga Club  Mr. Nooruddin & Ms. Leena Bio Lab 6-12
 Debate Club  Ms. Ilze and Ms. Zeina 12A 11-12
 Math Club  Dr. Khalid Physics Lab 11-12
 Drama Club (Arabic)  Mr. Abdalla 11A 9-12
 Collaborative Games Club  Mr. Peter Soccer Field (small) 4-5