Director's Message


"We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn"

Mary Katherine Bateson - American writer and historian


The joy of learning continues at Canadian Bilingual School (CBS). I welcome our returning and new students to journey with us in the academic year of 2019-20, where we can grow academically and develop a positive mindset. Parents, we are pleased to be able to support your wards in this adventure and welcome you to partner with us in learning together.

 A special welcome to our students joining us in Junior Kindergarten. Canadian Bilingual School has seen excellent growth in getting our Early Years students up to the Ontario level of reading and writing. As a school we provide a very strong program which not only develops a love for literacy but also imparts strong skillsets in reading and writing which becomes the basic tools and indicators for future success and achievement at school.

 We are also proud to announce that 30% of our students of our graduating class of 2018-19 have gone for higher education to universities in the UK, USA and Canada and Middle East. Congratulations to them.

 Our teachers are qualified professionals who spend time and effort to effectively deliver the curriculum to our students. It is important that students also spend time developing good work habits which will help them excel at school. We welcome parents to meet with your children's teachers to ensure that you understand school expectations, ensure that your child is in school daily on time and that he/ she completes all assigned tasks as planned. Please use the School Information System to monitor your child's progress in school.

 The school administrators and support team are happy to provide additional support through the Afterschool Intervention Program. This is to help students catch up with any academic clarifications they need. Please avail of this service by getting in touch with the relevant elementary or high school department offices.

 I would also encourage all students at CBS to develop a set of academic, personal and social goals to help them focus on all around growth. Goal setting is essential to success. It helps every individual embark on a journey of growth that is most fulfilling- not only does one see and feel success when a goal is achieved but the process of working towards the goal is equally gratifying.

I wish the community of CBS a rewarding year.


Mr. K.O. Mathew


Canadian Bilingual School