StellarTalks- Celebrating Voices

StellarTalks November 2022 was hosted on 17th November with Mr. V.S. Sriram, Executive Director of Engineering Services and Technical Support at Al-Essa Medical and Scientific Equipment. Mr. Sriram shared his valued experience in a panel discussion with high students on ‘Robotics: A New Era in Technology’.

‘We are pleased to present this platform to students at our Schools as a medium for developing the skill of communication. I take this opportunity to share my best wishes to all our participants who have come forward to make an impression in the minds and lives of each one of us,’ stated Mr. K.O. Mathew, Chairman of Indian Central School.

The event was attended by several dignitaries of the Indian Community, namely Mr. Binoy Sebastian, Regional Manager at AIRTEC, Dr Prathap Unnithan Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon of Amiri Hospital, Principal Sujata Sivakrishnan and Vice Principals of Indian Central School, Aspire Indian International School, Pakistan English School, Aspire Bilingual School and Canadian Bilingual School. Amongst the invitees were Senior School students of FAIPS- Delhi Public School and Aspire Indian International School.

StellarTalks gave an opportunity to participating students to present their thoughts at the program with invited guest Mr. V.S. Sriram. He gave students insights with regards to current aspects of Robotics and AI and various career options in the upcoming field. The highlight of the event was the presence of an i-Robot lent by Ministry of Health through the corporate alliance. Indian Central School was applauded for their efforts in giving students an opportunity to learn robotics from industry experts. The school has a full-fledged robotics program for students of Grade I- VIII led by a certified robotics instructor.

You may watch the event on www.facebook.com/icskwt/