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Sept 1st - Uniform Exchanges
Sept 2nd - First Day of School (Gr 1-12)
Sept 2nd - First Installment Due
Sept 3rd - First Day of School (JK-SK)
Sept 9th to 20th - Counting On You
Sept 10th - Islamic New Year Celebrations
Sept 11th - Islamic New Year (Holiday)
Sept 12th to 20th - Map Testing (Fall): Gr 3-10/ Diagnostic Assessments
Sept 17th - Open House Evening (ES+HS)
Sept 17th - Online Reading Programs Orientation (JK-SK)
Sept 24th - Assembly: Respect (Gr 3-5)
Sept 26th - Assembly: Respect (JK- Gr 2)
Sept 27th - HS Assembly: Respect
Sept 27th - Thankful Day/ White Day
Sept 27th - HS Student Council Nominations