After School Clubs

Fun and learning can extend beyond the classroom in the form of extra-curricular activities. From music and the arts, to organized sports, after school activities can help to build community, school spirit, and camaraderie between and among staff and students. In addition, these opportunities enable students to pursue interests, hone skills, discover hidden talents, and develop team building and leadership skills. We encourage all students to take part.


Drama Club:

Drama club is designed for 'Learning English through Drama'. Students learn to work together, build trust, and memorize and perform in front of the audience. Students explore what makes characters unique as well as understand how to speak in the voice of characters.


GGA (Girls Getting Along) Club:

CBS is offering a 'Girls Getting Along' club for Grade 5 - 8 girls. Come out for a fun experience of learning skills and discussing topics that build collaboration, problem sloving and leadership skills. Our goal is to assist girls in developing awareness of the dynamics and skills that help each other get along best. Learning how to respect our self and others keeps interactions happy, healthy and proactive.


Basketball Club

Come join basketball for a great opportunity to learn skills such as rules, ball handling, dribbling, passing, rebounding and game strategy, along with great skills teamwork!


Restorative Justice Club:

The need for developing positive role models among our student body is critical for the development of a more positive social environment. By and large, our students do not have the strategies or the skills to follow and maintain the standards set in the CBS guidelines.

Students struggle within maintaining positive relationships with peers and teachers, which often leads to conflict. The purpose of the Restorative Justice Support Group is to give students the strategies they need to resolve disagreements and conflicts, but also help promote a more positive environment within the school compound.


Aerobics/ Zumba Club:

CBS is offering an 'Aerobics' club that is more than exercise; it is a fun, healthy program for children using the ZUMBA fitness concept. It is designed to help children to develop a healthy lifestyle to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children's lives, not just a class that they attend once a week. During the class the children will learn dance routines to keep fit, play games and learn about different rhythms and their origins. Most of all they will be active and have fun.


Baseball Club:

CBS offers a 'Baseball' club with an adaptive curriculum that ensures a positive learning experience for your child. The club covers many aspects of baseball, beginning with an introduction to field space and base running, teaching the rules of the game in a fun and appropriate setting and further advancing to coach pitch game play and incorporating higher levels of teamwork.


Arts Club:

CBS also offers an after-school 'Art' club that allows your child to embrace his/ her creative side. From developing important motor skills to growing in confidence, you will find that art can have an amazing mental, academic, social and emotional impact on your child. Projects include 2D & 3D projects, drawing with pastels, working with clay, sculpting, artist studies and so much more.